Police Car UK .com

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Police Car UK.com is now closed whilst investigations continue into the misuse of club funds, breach of code of conduct and inappropriate behaviour towards other committee members by the current club chairman..

The current chair, from Cosham, is known to have made inappropriate, immoral and potentially illegal enquiries, deliberately withheld information and material, instigated personal driven attacks on and forced the resignations of other committee members including the former chair who resigned tenure early after these actions were revealed.

The behaviour of the current chair has been described as "Utterly Despicable" and unprovoked as many of his actions were aimed at civilian members of the committee, many of whom it has been widely acknowledged have done more for the club than many others. Others have commented that his intentions were simply to gain control of club funds which recently were boosted by an inheritance of in excess of £150,000 which were received after his previous resignation from the club as he "didn't have time for it".

In the meantime the current chair is going to great lengths to recruit new members with well known vehicles in order to boost the profile of the club by piggy backing on the celebrity status of these cars although privately saying that he detests civilians owning them. Other targets include influential photographers in order to obtain copies of their collections and influential members of other clubs such as the well established and very populuar Blue Light Preservation Group and PVEC.

Investigations continue thanks to the recent supply of information from others directly affected by his actions and those who have witnessed his actions against others and all outcomes will be published here in due course.