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Welcome to Police Car UK now in our 13th Year!



Police Car UK is the leading organisation in the preservation and restoration of classic Police vehicles in the United Kingdom.

POLICE CAR UK is a police vehicle preservation organisation with the Police Officer very much at the heart of its foundations. An organisation with that crucial inside knowledge, bringing you up to date information on the very latest and the very oldest vehicles and equipment direct from the archives, the manufacturers and the forces themselves.

POLICE CAR UK 2017 is aimed at the serving and retired Police Officer, active or retired police service civilian staff and all those with a proven record in the vehicle preservation field either as a car or bike owner, photographer or other archivist.

Our aim is to promote what is new in the Police service, preserve our Police vehicle heritage and to provide you with the latest information on anything to do with Police transport and to preserve as best we can our heritage for future generations to enjoy. The vast majority of our members are either serving or retired Police officers or staff and marque specialists. We are the people with the genuine, expert knowledge. You won’t find any pseudo experts here!



Important information regarding the 'Forum'

Recently without warning the Forum changed it's format and was supplied by a new provider.

Further investigation found that this change is legitimate and the the old supplier had been taken over by the new company 'Tapatalk'

To get yourself onto the forum please click the link below and follow the instructions in the pdf file 'Forum Guide' please.

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The newly unveiled PC-UK Display van PL-01


The new Citroen Relay based PC-UK display unit PL-01 was unveiled for the first

time at the Brooklands Museum Emergency Services Day on the 7th May 2018.

The vehicle was originally a BTP Command & Control vehicle before being converted

into it's current configuration.  Certainly looked the part.


Once opened the unit attracted a lot of attention and some very complimentary comments.

A lot of hard work by a small group of club members has gone into this unit and it shows.

Working LED lights and Matrix boards were fitted and added to the display.


The Display Unit PL-01 was aquired and converted in honour of a past member Phil Lawrence

using part of a legacy left to the club by him on his passing. 

This photo of him and a plaque commemorating Phil have a prominent place in the display unit.